Azusa, California
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I used UPS ground shipment to ship a package. Later the package was returned saying they had made 3 attempts and no one sign for it.

My understanding is UPS ground will leave package at the door if no one receiving it for ground shipment. But UPS said it is "up to driver's discretion". (This is first time I heard about this.) The driver couldn't give any valid reason why he returned the shipment. UPS suggested me to use "shipper release" so driver will leave the package at the door, but then it still ask for signature.

I called UPS again, they again said it's up to "driver's discretion". I asked Fedex ground driver, they said they never had such thing. So, I had to switch to Fedex Ground for that shipment.

UPS just lost a frequent customer!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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If the driver feels that leaving the package might lead to the package potentially being stolen or damaged, they will not leave it. After the first discretionary act of not leaving it, they are unable to leave it for the next two attempts.

The three most likely reasons they didn't leave it are because it looked like something valuable was inside, there was no good place to hide it from the street view, or someone was acting suspiciously nearby. It is also possible that you have filed a claim in the past, or there have been claims of lost packages in the neighborhood or area.

If a driver leaves a package and something happens to it, then most of the time, UPS is going to make the driver pay for the cost of the missing package.