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I purchased a Television back in November of which UPS never delivered. When my package wasn't delivered I contacted Amazon to find out why, of which I was never given a legitimate explanation as to what happened.

I was forced to put in a investigation as to what happened to my package and it took UPS 6 additional weeks to figure out what happened to my package. They found the package, but I missed out on a good deal, because of the lengthy wait I requested a refund. Seems I have gotten myself into another situation with UPS's questionable delivery practices, as I am again waiting for another package I ordered on 2/29... So much for expediting a delivery.

I paid extra to have the delivery made sooner and I am still waiting and they have also lost tracking on this package as well.

I am beginning to question if UPS is a national delivery service or a bunch of Thieves???? Concerned customer once again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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You are right! UPS is a bunch of Thieves!!

I paid 50euro to deliver an envelope with a paper inside, and it took UPS one week to deliver it. Also the receiver had to go two times to their Office to pick-it up.

I mailed a customer complain to report the incident and to claim my money back. Still nothing.

I will never use UPS again.


if this keeps happening i advise u make sure your address in correct, add directions to your door, draw big arrow pointing to your house. cuz it seems like your at a difficult place to deliver to also tell the shipper you want "sig req" or better yet look up "MyCHOICE" from ups.

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