I have had the worst experience with UPS. I moved from HI to UT and I shipped my 65 inch TV.

I got insurance because its an electronic and thats what you do. I had the TV boxed up by someone who does it for a living, I didnt just throw it in a box and ship it out. When the delivery driver showed up, my husband and I went out to help right away. Its a big heavy box we assumed the driver would want help.

Well he didnt wait, as we walked out the door we saw the driver drop one corner 3ft onto his cart he then laid it flat (there were arrows saying not to do that) and I think at that point we were in shock on what we were seeing. The driver then THREW my other packages on top of it, one of those packages weighed 50lbs. This is all while one end of the TV was on the cart and the other on the truck so it was tilted, he then jumped out of the truck pulled his cart and the other side of the TV dropped 3 ft. Again I think we didnt know what to do, we were standing there with our mouths opened just kind of dumbfounded.

He then turned the cart into a dolly and stood everything up and a box falls off, he is scurrying around like he is in race to finish! he wheels everything to our garage then proceeded to pull the TV off the cart and it of course DROPS again. All the while he is talking about a TV he shipped that was broken. We opened the box and there was a crack down the middle and both bottom corners were completely smashed.

Now Im both the shipper and receiver, I filed a claim. I didnt receive any notification that a claim had been opened or what the next steps are. Two days later we came home and there was a note from UPS saying they tried to pick it up for inspection. That would have been great information to know, I called UPS to find out whats going on.

They said yes we need to pick it up to inspect it, so I made arrangements for them to get it. A week later I still havent received anything, and email a call nothing. I receive a call from she said a 3rd party insurance company, she asked me about the packaging and when I told her I was both the shipper and receiver she said you need to call them and tell them not to ship the TV back and she would send me a email for more information she will need. This was on a Friday afternoon.

I called UPS and they said to late its already on its way back. i was floored because again I didnt have a clue whats going on. I rcd the email from the 3rd party and they need specific pictures which I dont have because UPS SHIPPED MY PACKAGE BACK!

I checked my claim Sunday online and found it had been denied, I of course disputed the claim. This whole experience has made me sick and I will NEVER ship UPS again

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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