Fern Park, Florida

UPS is a horrible source for anything that you may need to have delivered to you or anybody else. I had a packaged delivered to me a couple of times, which to no avail did they attempt to knock on my door or ring my door bell to see if anyone was home.

Another time they left a package wrapped around my doorknob, my daughter was home at the time and heard someone messing with the doorknob and that's how we knew something was left by them, they didn't even knock or ring the bell. Packages were left on ground outside my door and neighbors doors multiple times. I live in an apartment complex so that isn't good.

Again a packaged was left and when I got home from work it was open and left on the ground, this is ridiculous, especially if you are paying for their services. I would say if you need anything delivered to go with FedEx, but they are beginning to suck as well!!!

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