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My spouse and I receive 15 to 20 packages a week and we have experienced delivery issues most of the time when UPS is chosen as the carrier. Despite putting requests in UPSMyChoice to leave the packages on our porch, they are not.

We've been told, more than once, there is a "High Claims Tag" on our address and we are not sure why. In the past 10 years that we've lived at our address there has been only ONE package that came up missing, it was a box of chocolates delivered by Lindt Chocolates, value $25. That means that out of the 7800-10400 packages delivered in the past 10 years there was an issue with 0.0128% to 0.0096% of the deliveries not making it. I assure you that we have cameras watching our entire property.

The neighborhood is very secure. When a package is delivered, if we are not home, our neighbor is notified and she comes and gets the package and puts it in the house. My spouse and I have reviewed videos of "attempted" deliveries where before even ringing my doorbell the driver had already filled out the info-notice to put in our door refusing to deliver, despite our request to do so in our UPSMyChoice accounts. We have also determined that this happens more often with Ground packages than other types.

We have spent HOURS on the phone speaking with customer service, the manager for the drivers that "attempted" deliver, and as many other supervisors/managers as we can get to, to no avail. It has come to the point that when my spouse and I place an order, if we see that UPS is the carrier, we will cancel the order and tell the company why we are doing so. How do we find out why our property has a "High Claims Tag" on it and remove it? Our next step is to return phone calls to local news media wanting to put together a story about Amazon creating its own shipping service and why customers are thrilled about it.

We have tried EVERYTHING we can think of and nothing has worked. We really would appreciate any help you can offer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

UPS Cons: Packages not being delivered, Customer service not being able to resolve delivery issues.

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