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ups didnt deliver my package said they couldnt find address i gave them directions they wrote it down on the package this was on a friday so i waited till monday for it and they delivered it to wrong address and didnt have time to go get it and deliver itto me so it is the next day still waiting ups doesnt treat its customers with respect we pay for delivery and all we get is headaches. If a driver can not find you he should call you ask for directions i was home all three days no one called me

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Monetary Loss: $50.

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I had ordered a package and they delivered to THE COMPLETELY WRONG ADDRESS, it even said it delivered to my address but it did not... i just ordered another package supposed to use USPS but the seller shipped UPS....

now i hope to god the *** *** UPS driver gets it right... last time they came to my back door with another package, knocked and started walking away but i caught the *** guy...


I was expecting a package since October 28, 2011 unfortunately your driver went to the wrong house in spite of the right address on the item to be delivered. She had been making stories just to cover the fact that she did not know where to deliver the package (access must be obtained to enter the building). Around 3 p.m. on the same day, we received a call from your office at Annacis Island, double checking the address and the stories that your driver made up. Unfortunately, the address was correct and there were no such thing as building pass since we live in a town house. My wife is a stay at home mom, she kept on waiting but none came. We have learned that our package kept on bouncing from your depot (Annacis Island) to your driver. The second attempt of delivery was still unsuccessful and again with lies from your driver that the receiver already moved out of the house. This scenario was very disgusting that we have to call your Customer Service Department to have our package picked up instead for we do not trust your driver anymore, what would be the chances that she will deliver it to the right house for the third time?

November 2, 2011, we went to your depot at Annacis Island to pick-up the package but to our dismay your driver without reading the Delivery Change Request, did not leave the item on your warehouse but instead she will deliver it again for the nth time. We were so pissed off for we wasted so much time, effort and gas to go in your depot just to find out that we were heading for nothing. Your staff on the depot phoned her; we had to meet her at Costco, Surrey just to get the package.

I asked her, what house number did you go? Why can’t you deliver it right? She answered rudely “Unit 30”. Now, we knew why she can’t deliver it properly because she kept on coming back to the wrong house. Our unit number is 130. Then I left and she continued to barb.

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