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My package was delivered to the wrong address and someone else signed my name and stole an item form my package along with my invoice. This is not the first time my package was delivered to the wrong address.

I filed a complaint prevously as well. I am really upset and have used UPS for a long time. I was told some investigation will happen, but no one has called me back.

Usually I have to keep up with the UPS My Choice service in order to pick up my package due to the deliverers not paying attention to the address on my building. Unfortunately, I missed the email.

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Scenario. I have 3 packages for them to pick up.

Two going to an address in PA and one in MN. To make sure, I even print the name and address on the boxes. All three go to the same address. Problem is that the one gong to MN is blender that I'm giving to a friend.

The other person gets the blender and what am I supposed to say?

They are total idiots and this is not the first time I have had problems with them. The list is long.

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