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My order was labeled Lakeview Ave, when it should have been East Lakeview Ave. Since there is the same house number on West Lakeview Ave, I called concerned.

I was assured that since the drive would not know which one to deliver it to, it would be brought back to the hub and status would be undelived. However this was not the case. I saw later that it was Delivered, MET CUST WOM. They went to the wrong address and delivered it.

The should not have delivered it or if there was doubt, check the owner of the property. I, the owner, was the one it was addressed too. Perhaps if they really did deliver it to a woman, they should have checked if she was me before handing $1200 worth of goods to her.

Though judging from other posts, I wouldn't be surprised if they just dropped it off. I will never personally use UPS ever.

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These morons keep delivering packages to my neighbors house... after repeated attempts to correct the situation with them, they brought a package to our house 1 time, then the next day, delivered it to the neighbors house again.

They deliverd some medicine on Thursday, and it sat on her porch until Monday when she returned... it was refirgerate upon recipt and ruined. $700 worth of medicine... worthless...

pharmacy sent out a new batch, with direction to hand the driver the spoiled package... he delivered to my neighbor again...

she was there, but this is unacceptable... the delivery driver is pathetic...

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