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The first time I let it go but to deliver my package to an address that is not even on the package two times within a week is ridiculous. I have my new address on the package and UPS continues to deliver my packages to my old address.

Then I have to drive to my old house to pickup my packages. Clearly there is a breakdown in their system that needs to be fixed. When someone orders something they should not have to be constantly searching for their items. When I call UPS they tell me I should go back to Amazon since it was shipped with Amazon...

I get that but what are you, UPS, doing to correct the issue. This is my problem.

The information is not being flowed down the chain to the dispatcher/ delivery driver... since that seems to be where the problem lies.

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seems like a weird problem considering it would require a sorter to sort it wrong, a belt splitter to sort it wrong,a loader to load it wrong and a driver to deliver it wrong and all these errors just happen to be incredibly lining up at your old address. yeah right

@sure sure it is

Not weird at all given that this happens ALL THE TIME. Go to UPS' facebook page and you will see complaint after complaint of the same thing.

The poster was lucky it was delivered at all. Many UPS packages simply "disappear" off the back of the truck never to be heard from again.


The sender, Amazon, is to blame. They generate the label with your address.

UPS just reads the label. UPS has no way of knowing if the label is correct.


So how do you explain the fact that Amazon had my correct address on the package when I drove to my old address to pickup my package? If you read my complaint you will see I mentioned that Amazon had the current address, so they were not at fault. Thank you

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