$500 bucks worth that UPS claims they delivered to my apartment complex's office. Except the office staff has no record of it ever being there and UPS shows it as "other-released" which is not something they've ever marked a package as before when its delivered to the office.

Considering what it was, I'm betting the driver stole it. Will he face any punishment?

Of course not. They'll never be able to prove it because they don't care to actually investigate unless they get enough "lost" packages from the same driver that it starts being more expensive than replacing him.

Monetary Loss: $498.

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yeah a guy wants to lose a $70,000 job for 500, maybe the office stole it???

to reasoning #746046

If you google "other: released" you'll soon come to the conclusion that it is UPS-speak for "fell off the back of the truck".

Your package is gone and you'll never see it again.

A little bit of internet searching and you'll realize UPS has a bad problem with driver theft, they know it, and are covering it up. Hence, the troll they have running around on sites like this bad mouthing irritated customers who have "lost" packages.

to i hate UPS trolls Branford, Connecticut, United States #746429

google *** and you'll see "i hate ups trolls

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