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I ordered an expensive software package from the US to be delivered to an address in Australia.

UPS in Sydney then put an incorrect sticker on it to send it to a town over 150km away.

I checked the tracking and found this out - phoned UPS and immediately they inferred why can I not go and fetch it at the Post Office it was delivered to (150km from where it was supposed to be delivered). In hindsight it would have been easier to travel the 300 km to fetch the parcel as now after 8 days since I called them and informed them of this issue - they are still trying to find where the parcel is and I am still getting the run around.

I am exceptionally angry as this software is needed for my business and I am not facing a delay of over 10 days to implement it - that is if I get it this week. This has real cost implications to me of which I have to cover.

I will definitely consider using another shipping agent in the future.

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Uhhh... so UPS had the correct information on the label before it got to Australia, but for some reason once it got to Sydney, the UPS center put a different label on it than the label it originally had?

Sorry but that doesn't happen. For something to be delivered that far away there had to have been an error on the shipper's end. UPS doesn't just randomly stick incorrect addresses on packages, because they don't LABEL packages. That is the customer's job to do, UPS moves the package to the address they have BEEN GIVEN.

Please, use another carrier and then complain again when something goes wrong.

I can promise you will use UPS again, you're just venting which is understandable, someone made a mistake and it is costing you hard dollars.

In no way am I trying to downplay your situation, but I think you can handle this. It's not going to end your life, and God forbid this isn't a perfect world.

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