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I have two packages sitting at the UPS facility in Mesquite, TX. One has been there since the 2nd of March.

UPS is using the adverse weather excuse, but this is wearing thin. I am serviced both at work and at home through Belton. They get a trailer every day from Mesquite to Belton. It should not take over a week to clear a 2-day backlog.

I am getting packages at my business just fine. It appears they are sitting on older trailers in Mesquite and pushing through newer stuff. Or maybe they are trying to keep business customers happy and screwing over home customers.

They don't appear to be working overtime to get trailers off loaded and cleared. I am hoping that when my packages arrive, they're not damaged.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I liked: Tracking tool.

I didn't like: Delivery.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #956730

I am having the same issue and have spoken with several people at UPS. What is happening just does not make sense.

One of the people I spoke to said that the sorter at the Mesquite center broke down. I wish they would just tell you how far behind they were. I have an item that is very time sensitive and if it is going to be another week before I see my package that I supposedly was see next day, then I am making other arrangements. Amazon has been absolutely wonderful and has offered to send out another if the delay proves to be that long.

The problem there is if it has to go through this same backlog, it won't do much good. I can not believe that they could be more than 2-3 days behind. Just like you, I believe this inclimate Weather excuse is a bunch of ***. A company that has been in business this long and this successful knows exactly how long it will take to get things back to ON TIME status.

I am so sick of hearing, "Check the website for the status of you package" I could scream. I want answers as to when I can expect my package. 1 day, a week, a month.


I hope you see your package soon. I know USPS and FedEx are running just fine.

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