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My Iphone 6+ shipped from China on October 31st. It took three days for it to leave China then another two to leave Alaska.

When I saw it was finally in Louisville I was over the moon however imagine my surprise when it somehow departed Alaska for the SECOND time. When I contacted costumer support they were completely clueless and simply kept repeating what my tracking had already said and that it was all the information they had. Luckily it ended up back in Louisville where it finally got it's import scan. But my package was left behind and my delivery date, which was supposed to be today, has been changed to, I assume, tomorrow.

This seems to be the case for many people waiting for their phones. UPS dropped the ball. They never give a reason for a delay.

If I got a reason I wouldn't be as mad, somethings are simply out of their control. But they keep customers in the dark and give them the run around.

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