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I ordered a TV and it is apparently being shipped via UPS. It was originally scheduled for delivery 12/3 (yesterday), then was rescheduled for today (12/4).

My status for my package is now delayed.With the lame *** excuse of we have not yet unloaded the package from the trailer. This may delay delivery. / Delivery will be rescheduled and delivery information is unavailable.

This is some *** ****!

I don't get why they won't unload the package and deliver it.

It is definitely not due to weather conditions in Portland, OR. I am sick and tired of dealing with missed shipments/delays/false status updates through the years.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $480.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I have the same issue. I was supposed to have something delivered today (12/19) by UPS, but last night their tracking system said that the package has been delayed in Portland and yet to be unloaded.

There was no estimated new arrival time. Some 13 hours later, the tracking information still hasn't been updated, and so I have no new arrival date. The package appears to be in limbo. The weather is fine, so it's not a weather delay.

I'm not even sure why they sent it to Portland given that I live near Seattle (3 hours away). I am now asking the retailer from which I ordered the item to contact UPS directly.

I understand that Christmas may overwhelm them; but then they shouldn't offer "2-day" shipping that is in fact a lot longer. I wish now I had just gone to a local store rather than try to have the item delivered.


My package has been in San Pablo since 12/11. A week now.

Live chat gives no new information. I offered to fly from Florida and unload the truck myself but they didn't think that would work.


Ticked off! This is the first every bad experience I have had with UPS.

My package arrived on 12-9-14 and it is still sitting there. They can't tell me when it may arrive.

Christmas is next week, maybe I should have ordered Happy New Year gifts!


I've had three packages sitting in the San Pablo facility since Monday 12/8. Everyday I get a "new delivery date" notice for the next day, but the package never comes.

Even when they say "out for delivery" it means nothing, and I just get a rescheduled delivery notice. One of these packages is 2nd day air, and even that doesn't seem to give it any kind of priority.


I have corresponded with Rick Steve's and UPS ALL WEEK and that's the same answer I get: "trailer not unloaded."


so I called again and was told MAYBE Tuesday. It already been in San Pablo for over 5 days.

I asked why and was told that they have hired more help, blah, blah, blah. Everytime I asked a question she read the same answer. So I asked what in transit means and she read me the same bs. I was like are you actually listening to me?

I want to know WHERE it is going. She answered "the hub". So I told her its been at the dang hub for 5 days!

She said well if we dont update tracking numbers then people call and complain. uggh seriously??!


hmmmm just re-checked my tracking and the "in transit" that was added yesterday is deleted (I have screen shots from 2 hours ago with it there) and I have a delivery date for next tuesday (keep in mind thats 9 days after it got to san pablo). I guess they were listening when I was complaining on the phone..... still pissed though



My package was sitting in San Pablo for 3 days. San Pablo is less than 10 miles away from my house.

I checked status today and my package was shipped to Vernon, CA. Vernon is in SOUTHERN California??!!!!

@***ed off even more

Same here. Status changed again.

Now it's "Departure Scan: Vernon, CA". What???


I also have 2 packages waiting in San Pablo,"not unloaded from the trailer." One has been changed to "in transit." Called UPS twice today. One time a rep tried to tell me that my packages were in transit, and I said that I knew that much and I wanted a better explanation!

The other time I was told that they had actually been unloaded and would be here tomorrow....we shall see about that.

I've never seen this before with UPS, although another carrier, On-Trac, was 2 days late with another package last week because the driver supposedly has too many packages two days in a row and just could not make it all the way to my neighborhood.


YEAH, my package is literally about 5 miles away in Sunnyvale CA, and i get the ************* message about how its not unloaded from the trailer.. They are worse than the *** USPS.

This is now the second day it has been delayed to the next day. I call customer service and they just make some ***** up.

If they show up today by some miracle i will recant all of my negative words to ups but if not i will hold strong in my hatred.


Same here. A few hours ago status was changed to "In transit".


Package has been in San Pablo since Monday morning and the final destination is less than 10 miles away from San Pablo!!

12/11/2014 11:00 A.M. In Transit (in transit to where??)

San Pablo, CA, United States 12/10/2014 5:15 P.M. Departure Scan (departure to where??)


My package is also held in San Pablo. Something may happened there. it's supposed to be delivered by 12/09


Mine too. Been in San pablo since Monday.

Been saying hasn't been unloaded from trailer for a few days with no scheduled delivery date. At 11am it was updated to "in transit" and still no expected delivery date. Very irritating since this package left New York on November 25th and still isn't here on dec 11th...

Hate that I "upgraded" my shipping to ups. Should've left it usps


Scheduled Delivery Updated To: "Tuesday, 12/16/2014, By End of Day". Package arrived in San Pablo "12/08/2014 6:29 A.M.".

8 days for 50 miles??? Are you *** kidding me???


WTH is going on with this facility? I have 2 packages being delayed in San Pablo facility saying same thing "have not be unloaded from the truck". I better get these before Christmas or I will be pissed off!


Same bs arrived in San Pablo dec 6th and still sitting there. Customer service just takes it upon themselves to lie to me both times I've called and told me it'll be delivered "tomorrow". Great policy just have your cs reps lie their faces off when u *** up.


Delayed in San Pablo! Shoes been sitting there since early Monday morning. I needs mah kicks!!!


Status changed to: 12/10/2014 2:00 P.M. In Transit

In transit to where?? Why not "Out for Delivery"