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I first brought my two sets of products to be sent for a recall to the UPS store on a monday to which the employee said he could not do anything until another employee who knew how to handle recalls was not in until Friday on which they would be sent out. No problem.

I came back on the Friday to make sure the employee knew which products went into which package together. I said I was the client with these products for recall to which he said that's fine. I then asked if he knew which products went together to which he scoffed and said "I think I know what I am doing". I then asked if he knew that there were two separate packages.

he stumbles in his words and says "oh well maybe you better come to the back and show me". I go back and show him and he said great they should be sent out soon. I wait until the following Wednesday and called and they said that they were sending them out that day and I will get a confirmation email. Great.

Its the next Monday (2 weeks) and I call as I never got an email yet and a girl says that they must have been sent out since she doesn't see any of my products but she cant check because she doesn't know how. (great training). she took my information and said they will call me back in an hour when the other employee comes back. I wait 2 hours and call back.

The employee said that they haven't been sent out but should in the next couple days. ok....I start to get suspicious and so that Thursday I come and ask whats going on. the SAME employee tells me that he had to order special boxes (which he ordered that Monday) and it would take 4-5 business days (so that Friday or the following Monday). I get upset because the need for the boxes should have been figured out within the first week and they shouldn't have kept telling me that they were being sent out that day if they weren't.

Finally I call again today, Thursday - been over 3 weeks since they have been in that office and a week since I asked about the boxes.

no boxes and not sent. I will never go here again

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UPS is having problems on many different fronts, despite what they would have you believe. Too many other choices that are far superior, fortunately!

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