Ordered a new cellphone on Thursday, selected two-three day shipping. Upon checking the tracking number provided thereafter, I saw that a signature was required to complete the delivery (relevance later). Woke up Friday morning, refreshed the tracking page, package listed as out for delivery. Due to my hearing impairment, it is very very hard for me to hear the door knocking or the doorbell being pressed if there are any other sources of sound. Spent entire day in the living room before giving up at 7pm. Saturday and Sunday are non-delivery days. Monday, woke up early to assure I would be awake during their 8a-7p time frame. Another day of waiting in the living room all day in relative silence. Gave up at 6:30 and went to the gym. Came back, note said delivery attempted at 6:45p and another attempt would be made at a time after 5p the following day. Not a huge deal, though irritating that it was last minute. Rearranged my entire for schedule the following day, did all my errands in the late morning through mid-afternoon. Arrived home at around 2p. Waited patiently until around 5p, refreshed the tracking page. They had attempted delivery 12:30. Called their customer service, very upset. Got condescended too and told it wasn't their problem, the note slips are just 'estimates' and deliveries could be at any time through out the day. So now I am in a situation where tomorrow I must again wait the entire day in silence waiting for the delivery. No loud noises, no going to any other part of the house, nothing.

I have had similar issues with them in the past at different addresses regarding the horribly inaccuracy of their tracking page. USPS has bent over backwards many many times to help me out. I am done using UPS for anything. If a company only allows shipping through UPS, I will literally find a different source.

I get that they can't give me a time frame accurate to within the minute, but showing up 5 hours different from the time on the slip is absolutely ridiculous.

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