Salt Lake City, Utah

Ordered two new cell phones from BestBuy on Nov. 28 and they got shipped through UPS on Nov.

29. The package arrived in Salt lake city facility on Dec. 5. But 5 days passed, UPS hasn't delivery the package to my address yet.

Called customer service more than three times. Each time the agent I talked with promised that my package would be delivered that day, but it never happened. I told them that since the package was in Salt lake facilities and they won' delivery, please let me to go there to pick it up. However, they won't allow me to pick it up either.

I am waiting and waiting and waiting for my package arrive. Today, I still have no package. The new cell phone company called me to cancel my service. But I cannot activate my new cell phone service without my new cell phones!

I am very frustrated with UPS. Very, very and very frustrated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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I'm an author and I was supposed to have my first book signing today. I spent half my month's paycheck ordering copies of my book for this event, but ups is holding my package an hour away from me and claiming it's both still in transit AND delayed, so I can't come pick it up. I'm going to miss out on the biggest opportunity of my career because of ups.


My package arrived in slc on the 9th and that's where it sits, it hasn't said its on the truck or out for delivery just that it arrived in slc.

Looks like this is a common problem.

Not happy


I am going through the same thing with them right now. The shipper can request that it has to be delivered to the address and cannot be picked up until after first delivery attempt which to me is as *** a policy as I have ever heard of...


I am in the same boat. I have had two packages that arrived December 4th to SLC facility.

Every day it says on truck for delivery and every day it doesn't get delivered. I don't know what is going on with this company this year. My fedex deliveries are fine as well as the USPS are arriving on time. I am not even getting updates even though I signed up for them.

Someone needs to find out what is happening. I will never use them again. If a business uses them for delivery I will go somewhere else to purchase the item. The USPS always gets a bad rap but they are at least getting my packages to me.

The brown truck needs to change their name from UPS to DOWNS... :(


I'm having the same problem as you. It keeps saying on truck for delivery and it hasn't been delivered for five days.