My package was shipped from New Jersey on Dec. 2 and arrived at UPS in San Pablo, CA on Sunday Dec. 7. For next 4 days, UPS has informed me that "We have not yet unloaded the package from the trailer. This may delay delivery. / Delivery will be rescheduled"

Duh -- the delivery has to be delayed if my package remains on the trailer. I thought UPS was a good company but now my opinion is that they are incompetent.

Is the problem localized to San Pablo or is it systemic to UPS? I will check the status again tomorrow.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I have the same issue with 3 parcels, was shipped on Dec 1 and now its stuck at San Pablo! I call the center today but they could not give me a time when it will be send!!! Bad UPS


I have the same issue with TWO parcels. They should MAN-UP and tell us what is going on.


Thank you for posting this! My package has been sitting in San Pablo for like 4 days. Good/sad to see this a normal thing.

Oakley, California, United States #954952

I have been down this road many times.If my UPS packages happen to go through San Pablo, and it seems most of them do, I can automatically add three days to the delivery date.

It is an embarrassment for their company. I do whatever I can to have items shipped USPS to avoid San Pablo, but some companies only offer UPS.

The people I know that deal with shipping companies, have expressed this same problem to me.At least San Pablo UPS is consistent.

I recommend you do whatever you can to avoid any packages going through San Pablo UPS.

Tracy, California, United States #915081

I'm having the same issue dude, my package was suppose to go to stockton since I live in the SJV area but Na they sent it to Vernon which is over by LA

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