Livermore, California

My package was shipped from New Jersey on Dec. 2 and arrived at UPS in San Pablo, CA on Sunday Dec. 7. For next 4 days, UPS has informed me that "We have not yet unloaded the package from the trailer. This may delay delivery. / Delivery will be rescheduled"

Duh -- the delivery has to be delayed if my package remains on the trailer. I thought UPS was a good company but now my opinion is that they are incompetent.

Is the problem localized to San Pablo or is it systemic to UPS? I will check the status again tomorrow.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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My Package is sitting San Pablo since it's arrival on Jan 29th 2018 7:00 AM PST. It's been 2 days and 12 hours and no movement.

It's weird being delivery city and San Pablo are in same Contra Costa county.


Wow, 2018 and my package has been sitting in San Pablo for over 2 days now. Glad to see after more than THREE YEARS, ups has done nothing to try to resolve whatever problem is happening here.


You should be ashamed to be unable to fix your problems. I normally order through Amazon who usually uses USPS or FedEx, both of who are leaving you in the dust.


I have the same issue with 3 parcels, was shipped on Dec 1 and now its stuck at San Pablo! I call the center today but they could not give me a time when it will be send!!! Bad UPS


I have the same issue with TWO parcels. They should MAN-UP and tell us what is going on.


Thank you for posting this! My package has been sitting in San Pablo for like 4 days. Good/sad to see this a normal thing.


I have been down this road many times. If my UPS packages happen to go through San Pablo, and it seems most of them do, I can automatically add three days to the delivery date.

It is an embarrassment for their company. I do whatever I can to have items shipped USPS to avoid San Pablo, but some companies only offer UPS.

The people I know that deal with shipping companies, have expressed this same problem to me. At least San Pablo UPS is consistent.

I recommend you do whatever you can to avoid any packages going through San Pablo UPS.


I'm having the same issue dude, my package was suppose to go to stockton since I live in the SJV area but Na they sent it to Vernon which is over by LA