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First we respect our UPS Drivers, especially our local one:-) he literally goes the extra mile for us all year long. Yes, they deserve more money, of course.

This was a small token of my gratitude that never got to the Intended receiver. Be careful who you hire for seasonal help! If you can't trust them with cookies what can you trust them with?

I made Christmas Cookies for our regular Awesome UPS Delivery Driver!! A fill in driver was helping out the night I had the cookies ready.

It was dark when he arrived and I rushed to the door & waved him down. Amazingly he saw me & backed up. I said is that you Jeremy? He said no, I said oh, I made these cookies for Jeremy.

The seasonal help driver said in sheepish tone "well I promise not to eat them all" as he reached for them. I said ok, Merry Christmas! The next time we saw Jeremy my husband ask did you get any of the cookies my wife made.

He said no, but that's ok, I've got plenty others. So humble, but so sad to me.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Good grief! You cannot be serious with this?!

Are you absolutely as ignorant as you are making yourself sound? Get a life, lady

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