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Update by user Dec 02, 2016

Absolutely shocking customer service. Yesterday, after posting on their facebook page, I was asked to send a more detailed explanation of events to, which I did and to which I received the generic "we'll look into it" response.

The next morning there was no sign of the package and the tracking tool continued to show that a " request" for a "second" attempt at delivery was in process.

I had also received assurance that I would be contacted before 9am on Wednesday etc etc... the usual "we'll fob you off" reply.

Finally got through to customer service on the telephone who said that everything was in hand and that the package would be delivered shortly. Of course, this has not happened. I have contacted Amazon, the customer service here in Madrid, and the above mentioned helpdesk.

I decided to phone the customer service line here in Madrid again at lunchtime today and was lied to, accused of lying myself, refused information and the possibility to speak to a supervisor, all in the rudest of fashions.

I was left open-mouthed and aghast staring at my phone when the agent actually terminated the call, saying that she was getting nowhere with me, if I was lucky, I might get my package on Monday(almost a full week after the initial lie by the driver about me not being at home), that I should have phoned UPS beforehand and told them that I didn't want my parcel delivered to an access point (I didn't know Amazon had used them this time and why should I have to do that? My parcel was not addressed to the access point, it was addressed to me!), and basically that I was wasting her time!

Needless to say, noone has contacted me about these events, although I was promised that someone would, and I still don't have my package! It's now almost 6pm on Friday evening and I very much doubt I'll receive my order, even on Monday. Now some might say, why don't I just go and collect the parcel as I have done in the past when the lazy,lying driver won't do what he is paid for?

Or have someone collect for me?- after all the "access point" is only 15 minutes away. Well, disabilty not withstanding, I am done with accepting this sort of treatment after having paid for a service. Noone is asking for anything preferential here- merely the implementation of an adequate pre-paid for service. Despite being a frequent online shopper due to disability, Amazon and any other business who uses UPS will no longer have my custom if this disgraceful company is the delivery provider.

In my next class, I think I'll just not bother turning up, tell the students, that they are not actually present for the class, that the UPS driver can pop along to give the class instead, and then I'll just take the money for it!!!

Seems to be the order of the day! I am heartily sickened by not only the lying driver's behaviour but also the follow up treatment by the customer (dis) service telephone team.

Original review posted by user Dec 01, 2016

Problems here in central Madrid again. This happens repeatedly and I'm heartily tired of being lied to, treated like an ***, having to do UPS' work for them and paying for the "privilege" to boot.

Shockingly stressful timewasters who trot out any generic excuse in order to try to cover up the fact that somewhere along the chain of command for delivery practice, laziness and lying became the order of the day. I absolutely refuse to go to the dump of an access point, where the last time, after having to spend half an hour convincing the owner of the fruit and veg shop which passes for an access and collection point, that my package was there according to UPS tracking information (there was no InfoNotice as the driver had clearly been nowhere near my building). I was finally pushed into a back storeroom and told to hunt for the package myself in a mountain of disarray and disorder. On this more recent occasion, two days ago, I was at home waiting for the package when I was suddenly informed by the UPS tracking page that I wasn't actually there!

I'm always willing to give the benefit of the doubt and accept a mistake, but not on multiple occasions.

This has become common practice with UPS and this time I will not be fobbed off with more generic responses to cover up downright deception. I have suggested quite vociferously that Amazon stop using UPS in Spain.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

UPS Cons: Lying about the customer not being at home, Lying about delivery, Generic emails and telephone repsonses, Lack of scruples.

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