Shipped my package on 1/14 to CT. It was a return so we used the address on the label, which was the UPS store.

From there it wall went downhill. UPS store said the recipient didn't match the address in their system, so they rerouted. Turns out that was the wrong address. Someone signed for the package, but then returned it to the store saying it didn't belong to them.

WTH? Fought with the center to get the address corrected and redelivered on their dime, since it was their screw up. Since then they have made four attempts to deliver. Out on the truck in the morning, back in the center by 4 because of "emergency conditions".

Tried to deliver last Friday but said no one was available to sign, rescheduled for today. Out on the truck this morning, back in the center once again for emergency conditions. Rescheduled for tomorrow. That's their last chance.

Will have it shipped back to me and try another courier. I'm done with UPS.

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Wow Zippy. Wish I was you.

So knowledgeable and above it all. Then I could wallow in sarcasm too and not offer anything remotely supportive.

It doesn't take 500,000 people to get their attention.

They have people paid to look for these sites and manage negetive press in all its forms. It may surprise you to know the damage 1 or 2 complaints make.


Yes just do all the things the other poster said about 500,000 times and you may just make a difference.

I am so sorry for your stressful experience and glad you are posting your story here I worked for them for many years - thats the only thing worse than being one of their customers :x

The only way to hurt UPS, who btw are TERRIFIED of the press, is to hit them with forums like this and get local and National newspapers and radio phone-in lines involved if at all possible. Complain to the companies who use UPS especially web-based sites who suffer low ratings for late deliveries. Thats the only way UPS will lose business and realise that their customers are not the fortunate ones for being 'allowed' to use UPS services. It is in fact the other way round as we all know.

UPS are greedy charletons who only care about their share-holders and I have seen what they can do to give false'on-time performance' stats. They will be found out. Oh yes, they will be found out...

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