Jacksonville, Florida
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This is on philips HWY in jacksonville FL.I am going to assume something will be done about this.This UPS driver dilivery man is driving is DANGEROUS he was all over the road tailgating,pushing speeding. The limit is 65mph triffic doing about 70 mph he is on top of the driver in front of him with no time to react he is going to kill someone.

He wasgoing 70mph in a 45 mph zone now he is in my neighborhood doing 50mph in a 30mph and after all this i see he is on the cell phone. I am sorry this is to much.

I hope some action will be taken. The date is 6/29/12 Time around 10:30 AM PLATE # GCW948

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1,how is it u spot a driver on the freeway, in your neighborhood and everywhere else around your town? maybe you were the one driving erratically.

2, why didn't you report it to ups (800-742-5877) instead of crying to some internet *** site?