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UPS delivered a package today with obvious damage to the shipping container. Torn open and TAPED back..The fiberglass constructed item inside was broken Shattered..What was one piece now is two.

If they do that much damage to a package why not suck it up and admit damage..Not try to deliver damaged goods..

UPS used to give great service now It's seems they destroy most everything they ship come on UPS get your act together

Of course I refused the package..And notified the shipping company.. Now I guess the ball in in their court.. I'll keep you posted...

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I use to feel the same way until I started working for UPS. My whole opinion has changed when I saw countless times...

50 lbs items shipped in boxes made to hold 30 lbs max. Packages that didn't have fillers to protect the contents.

The list goes on and on...If you ever get a chance to take a tour of a UPS Hub, you should go. Your opinion will change for the most part.

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