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I purchased a computer battery back-up from a reputable mail order house. It was shipped by UPS.

The unit arrived looking like it was used as the ball in the World Cup. Needless to say it was damaged beyond use. It was returned and the seller shipped a second unit, delayed payment, which arrived in worse condition than the first. It too was returned, this time for a refund.

I needed a new hard drive, so I ordered one from another outfit. When it arrived, the UPS driver walked to within ten feet (approx) of my front door and threw the package in the general direction thereof. This was witnessed by three people, but before the driver could be confronted he was in his truck and speeding off. Fortunately the hard drive was undamaged although the box took a beating.

UPS has a serious problem with its delivery personnel. It might just be this regional, but one would think that they would cherish their jobs in this horrible economy with double digit unemployment.

Please comment.

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@ rick.... order something fragile & watch them throw it on your driveway & see how you feel.


UPS should be banned from shipping fragile items ! I had a 32" flat screen shipped from Amazon and picked it up at a UPS center.

When the counter person carried it out, he didn't take any notice of a built in handle, grabbed the box wrong & it fell to the floor.

I had to open the box & inspect it right there before I would accept it. They are horrible !

Palo Alto, California, United States #247844

You should not be allowed to throw a package, however it must be packaged to be able to withstand a "safe drop" which is about three feet.


No rick, you shouldn't be able to throw anything on or off a truck. Some items are fragile, rick, and can be easily damaged by carelessness on the part of the carrier regardless of how well they are packaged. Perhaps you are willing to accept shoddy delivery, but I agree with Prophet.


you should be able to throw a box. they get tossed to and from trucks all the time in the loading and unloading process, as is the case with any carrier, postal, fedex etc. sounds like that reputable company you ordered it from doesn't know how to package things.

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