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Alright so I am just a little pissed off right now. So on the 23rd of August I shipped 2 packages from California to Virginia, where I go to college, so they would get here by the following Friday before classes started.

I received one of the packages, mind you I was more than pissed because I had shipped them at the same time and both of them were insured. The package in question contained a custom built computer that I need for school. I am a computer science major. And so I went online and tracked the package.

Come to find out it stopped in Lenexa, KS on the 28th of august, so I called ups hopping they could tell me where it was at, but I was wrong so I kept calling them and I am still calling them about this. A few days later I went and tracked it again and come to find out it mysteriously arrived in phoenix az.

And then finally 2 1/2 weeks later from when I shipped it I received it on the 10th of september. It was damaged and broken into and it had new tape on it, and if I don't receive the amount that I insured it for this week I am going to take them to court.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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UPS is like the DMV....still a class action will get their attention and get rid of the bad employees like Nick. in any corporation if you file and file more complaints at an employee he/she can say good bye at any attempt at the corporate ladder game.


Bad employee? Who are you?

Have we met? I literally said I don't work for UPS in my original comment. You can't sue if it wasn't packed properly.

If you don't meet minimum packing requirements, and the pictures prove it, then you can't be reimbursed! It's as simple as that.


I build these for a hobby, and they come apart so easy with shock, vibration, and drop kicks in the ware house... I buy towers from others, and unfortunately, they look like your tower.

Stuff loose and banging around, inside, and boards loose, and just eww! I bought coo coo clocks that were damaged inside too! Broken paper bellows, and the like. Point is, you really got to be good and creative packing these things, with heavy parts inside.

Federal express has done a better job as well in being gentle too.


Sorry but the package was broken into and the packaging that was in there was also taken out when it was in route to where I am at right now and i have talked to the police since it was broken into and they told me I can take the matter to small claims court. I have an uncle who is a lawyer and told me the same thing. And if I don't hear back from ups soon the police will be involved.


Then can you describe how it was packed? In order to win the lawsuit you need to have put that box into another box at least 6 inches of packing peanuts surrounding that, plus proof showing that you packed it that way. Remember, you must meet UPS's packing requirements or else they are not legally liable for damaging it.

Just paper or peanuts surrounding the computer in that box you displayed it not at all enough.


I agree with the other comment, you will only lose money by suing them. Also, looking at the picture of how your computer was packed, you are lucky it wasn't damaged worse.

That isn't packed at all. Just a cardboard slot holding it in place? There is no packing material at all! That's not even a shipping box.

I know this because I am a manager of a UPS Store. (NOT A UPS EMPLOYEE!!!!)

You aren't getting a penny as reimbursement from the "insurance" and you will only lose more money by suing them.


no you won't.....your a college student and could not afford the litigation that UPS will unleash on you while dragging the court case out....just saying.


bag of dont care ammateurs are UPS, vote with your feet and never use them again, and make it known to everyone how bad a service they give...

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