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Why does Anyone use UPS???? I have had so many goods delivered damaged by these hacks its almost comical.

Except the hassle of returning things or destroying irreplacable goods. So again WHY does ANYBODY use this company? And when you file a complaint they deny anything and everything. GODDDDDDD I loath this company.

UPS SUCKS!!!!!! I've had speakers damaged, boxes delivered in such bad condition things were falling out. Now I just had a washing machine delivered and they must have dropped it so hard the inner drum snapped the brace and dented the machine from the inside out!!! Every box I've ever received in the last 8 years has had some damage.

They just don't give a rats *** about the products shipped or the consumers they serve.

I just don't understand why so many companies use them. There Not a shipping company there a WRECKING COMPANY!!!

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every package i receive via ups comes smashed on all ends and often is damaged. they have in fact paid me for a damaged sound board that they demolished in shipping ($1400) but i am currently waiting (almost 1 year) for payment on an amplifier that was dropped so much it went through 2 inches of cardboard.

the company clearly does not value their line of work. i have known many people who work for ups and admit to throwoing packages.

it isnt an issue of bad packing. its an issue of certain hubs around the country throwing packages.


Rockstar all the people who responded to you were trying to help, your complaint does not pass the smell test. And all anyone did was to point that out.

Rockstar you then had 2 choices first choice: learn from the comments do a little research and find out what are the proper packaging techniques and what you have to do to meet the insurance requirements. Or two throw a fit, cry like a baby and insult everyone that responded to you.

You chose number 2 which makes you a joke. And were all happy you are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WTF is wrong with you people. This site SUCKS!

I signed on to *** about lousy service, bad products bad policy and all I get are a bunch of JERKS who know Absolutly nothing about the situation I'm complaining about Dissing me. UPS SUCKS PERIOD. I wouldn't ship my toilet bowl brush thru them.

The rest of you can shove it. I'm done with this site as well.


Rock Star You may not want to here this but u-haul boxes are not up to UPS shipping standards UPS requires a stronger box because everything runs on an automated conveyer belt system. As far as the speakers go why are you dealing with UPS Your not there customer the speaker place is.

if they were damaged you should be dealing with the speaker place there the ones who shipped them and just because they came in the box from the factory does not that the company shipped them that way. And Finally Who ships a Washer through UPS that’s just NUTS (see comment on u-haul boxes) If you took a little time to educate yourself instead of assuming you know how to do things you may not have all these problems.


I live in a apt complex. I can't stay home everytime ups delivers a package so there's an arrangement the Super of the building will accept the package.

At least in the case of the shredded boxes. And I resent the "as you claim comment". The boxes were full of personal items belonging to my girlfriend. They were packed in a 24x24 inch uhaul packing box and taped up properly.

Trust me my girlfriend is VERY aware of how to pack things. the boxes looked as though they'd been raked, crushed, the top was literally shredded open and looked as though they had gotten wet. How do you refuse personal items? We took pics filed a claim but because we didn't sign for them personally the claim was rejected.

The speakers that were damaged were packed in the same packaging that came from the factory. Again the boxes had obvious damage but when I opened them the speakers looked fine on the outside. the damage was inside. The crossovers had snapped and were loose inside the speaker.

Which means they had been dropped so hard it snapped them loose. these were 800.00 paradigm quality speakers that had been dropped so hard it broke the crossovers loose. Again I was denied because they said they weren't properly packaged even though it was the factory boxes that paradigm ships speakers in. The last piece was a washer from the factory and had been dropped so hard it broke the brace that holds the inner drum from banging around inside.

It not only broke the brace but the drum hit the inside of the metal housing and dented it from the inside out! Fedex is the ONLY company I will ship with EVER.

Not only do they care about the goods they ship there considerably CHEAPER! UPS ARE HACKS!!!!!!!!


rick is right...If what you claim is true, which i highly doubt, wouldn't you notice that the cardboard package is damaged?? If these packages are in as bad shape as you claim (stuff falling out) wouldn't you be able to notice it before opening??

You do have the option to refuse as damaged before you actually open it and have to even worry about packing problems. besides Package cars only deliver up to 150 lbs.

are you a business owner ordering freight? How do you stay in business with such a lack of common sense:)


most people who have items damaged would figure out that they need to pack them better, just not you apparently. if you want your package to be individually carried by a man wearing white gloves for the duration of the shipment, then you can start expecting to pay $50.00 for a 1 pound package, and it will take 3 times as long.

pack things right and they don't break. i've packed and shipped probably 300 items including electronics and artwork this year alone, not one damaged item yet because i do it right.

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