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Bought a one of a kind guitar, with the certificate in a travel hardcase from Germany, which it was originally made in the USA, and what makes it unique is being an 8 string model which won't be made again, so it's the only one of its kind. UPS managed to sap me with extra fees and hold it until I was going to pay them, despite the $1300AUD of shipping before hand (Inc. insurance), which ended up being a grand total of $1873AUD or so approx. The guitar arrived with minor damage on the box, which obviously didn't worry me, since it was in a travel case, right?

Upon opening the case the guitar had a nasty, there was a large eye-saw of a chunk missing out of the head stock (top of the guitar) which left me in a state of disbelief, having waited so long to get it. Immediately I contacted the sender, Pro Music Tools Germany, who got onto the case immediately, but never got a resolution. I tried to ring UPS myself to solve it, which they never let me get any answers or contest, since I didn't send it, regardless of it being MY money paid for the horrible service they gave. They rejected all claim of responsibility, along with Pro Tools ignoring my emails, since they are the only people that can get information, and now I am left with a damaged guitar which I will most likely have to pay out of pocket.

Further more, I found out from a close friend, who's fiance works in the Kentucky USA UPS, that packages can take 10ft + dives at points! How's that for care?? All in all, UPS bounce around the topic, lie, blame others and steal your money for the useless insurance. The guitar has essentially lost its collectors value.

Do NOT ship through them, period.

Monetary Loss: $5400.

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#926667 You might be able to get them to help since this is an American company.

This is a government agency designed to provide mediation between consumer and business. It's worth a shot.


For the zip code, find their headquarters and just use their zipcode, you shouldn't need a phone number or anything.


Travel case is made for travel, such as being carried on a plane, or put in the back of a vehicle for travel to a destination.

It is NOT a case for shipping.

Had the travel case been put into an airliner case with cushioning around the travel case, I doubt you would have had any damage.

The Shipper is at fault for having the guitar in a case not designed for shipping, they know this, why do you think they are now ignoring you?


At this point you're beginning to sound like a patriot for UPS since it's American bud. Would you like to point out an airline that lets you take a case over a meter long onto the plane as carry on here in Aus?

Either way the guitar would be checked in oversize luggage. If you do some research, you'll find that the builders of the guitar, ship out their customs the same way. You guessed it! In a travel case.

The shipper is once again, not at fault. The person I dealt with at Pro Music was great, however I'm guessing it's his boss that stopped him replying. Using that as an excuse for them to stop replying is weak, especially since the monetary value day in day out they deal with, globally, is huge.

So let's get this nice a simple, as this will be the last comment for you, since you're giving pretty weak arguments towards, especially after leaving out many things...

*B.C. Rich tailor made guitars are all sent out in the grey travel cases, that's the actual company sending them in the body grove cases there.

They designed them for the travel which includes shipping.,2018by3200/quality,85/BCRichCaseImage-03e5ea625851111669c16325880448a6.jpg

*B.C. Rich also designed a very light foam case called 'Travel Armor' for certain series guitars for a long time, which were sent out from Asia for a long time with next to no issues.

*Both of those two above prove that years of the same method, worked just fine. And if you want to get technical, MANY shops globally ship out their guitars in cardboard standard boxes just with some extra padding, that itself exposes the guitar quite heavily, yet they don't encounter issues very much. *Pointing the finger at a company who yes no refuses to speak, is a purely weak argument, especially at their reputation and accuracy of perfect transactions.

They're the ones that tried time and time again for 3 months before calling it quits, after UPS refused to pay the insurance. I'll say this again one last time, read it well; how it was posted was fine, the damage to the box exterior pointed to a large drop/rough handling, rough handling on ANYONE'S product, is wrong.

End of the story! Have a great day.


So, from what was posted, the guitar had no cushioning to protect it from sliding around inside the case.

That being no different than putting a vase in a box with no cushioning and blaming the shipper because it was broken.

In this case, the Shipper is at fault for not cushioning the guitar inside the case to keep it from shifting.


I don't want to sound offensive here, but no. Allow me to explain...

The case is tailor made to this guitars body almost perfectly, the body sits in a very soft groove which holds it almost completely still, the headstock does not have the same kind of luxury.

The case isn't like an airliner case which has an extremely tough metal exterior and can withstand some extemely hard hits. This, is just a travel case, which it was boxed with some padding around the edging within the box, however, the pressure of a high impact can again, abuse the tiny amount of space it has to move when dropped due to forcing the case to bloat slightly, which would take a substantial force, causing it to pop out of the groove and forward, cracking the head since as you can see within the picture of the damage, the head doesn't have a groove, like a great number of cases. Pro Music Tools, although they've obviously got their money now and don't want to deal with it, regularly ship guitars out worldwide with no issues.

I however, was the unlucky one here, and by unlucky, the fact that it was dropped on that perfect angle forcing it to move was a very slim-to-none chance.

This is pretty much what the case looks like with the guitar in it:

Now add a big hit of pressure, with the fact the case has nothing keeping the middle sections together, and you have forced movement. Again, it still does not excuse rough product handling.


In all honesty, Even if it was not "cushioned" like you try to blame. But the matter of the fact is that the outside packaging was damaged as is.

Showing the item was not taken care of.

There was also the matter of fact of the company screwing this person around but asking for additional fees and refusing to help with the situation. Bloody American Companies.


Interesting how the pics the seller posted do not show both sides, just the right side, but not the left.

It defies any type of logic that the case is not damaged, but the one piece of the headstock is, and no pics by the seller show both sides, but only one side.

If it were me, I would sure be asking the seller for pics of the other side of the headstock to prove it was undamaged prior to shipping.


Well, without posting a view from the other side, it's more than clear in the pictures Pro Music supplied that the chip wasn't there, as you can see the angle of where it is from that angle quite clearly. But in any case, here you are.


Don't think the comment is going through - trying to upload the one from the other side which is kind of silly anyway, as you can already see that the damage isn't there from that angle. The chip is huge and is very noticeable on that angle provided above.

The case had a minor, and when I say minor it really is, warp to the top left corner. Mind you, the case doesn't need to be heavily damaged in order for the guitar to be, with a large enough hit, at the right angle, the case could go undamaged but the guitar can travel from the impact pressure, resulting in damage as it's received.

More or less, a bit drop. Needless to say, it'd be like putting a wooden boat model in padded case, the right hit will still crack/break it with the right pressure, regardless of the exterior.


Big drop*.