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UPS driver got truck stuck in my driveway on his way out after delivering a package. He claimed he had no room to turn around, but I was home and the keys were in both vehicles that might have been in his way.

The truck was pointed downhill and too close to a tree to steer it out. His supervisor cut the tree to get it out! It was an ancient tree, a juniper at least 800 years old, so there is simply no replacing it. I have gone through several layers of ineffective customer service reps; they actually have no interest in trying to do anything about it.

I have tried to ensure they'll never enter my property again by getting them to reject any shipments to this address, but they refuse, saying they have no way to do that. Baloney!

Surely it's not rocket science to flag an address in their system.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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And to clarify: The events as I describe them have never been in question. My complaint was with the smiling but insubstantive response from their customer service levels.

They have admitted since my first phone call to them that their employee cut my tree, and also that he shouldn't have! They just don't want to do anything about it, even though my request was quite simple and would have cost them nothing.


No, it's not a false accusation. This is rural area, and there wasn't time for a tow truck to have come up here, done all this, pulled the truck out and left.

Moreover, in none of my conversations with many levels of UPS, including local yokels, did anyone assert that it wasn't them. They simply claim the right to operate on my property in any manner they deem expedient (the driver agreed with me before I left that cutting the tree was not necessary.) Of course, I didn't take a picture of the situation before I left; I thought UPS was a reputable company and I trusted the driver.

Now I just think it's important for potential UPS customers to know they should be home for deliveries because UPS doesn't care what its employees do to cusomters' property. Or, try the USPS or Fedex!


so the truth comes out.....You are making false accusations about what has happened here. you left so you were not there to see what actually happened (in other words it is your word against theirs).

It is protocol for driver to call supervisor in this situation. UPS hires a towing service for situations in which a vehicle gets stuck, that is why he calls the building in the first place. They call the wrecker which pulls truck out of position. What you need to do is call UPS with the truck number, date and your address, talk to someone who can find out what actually happened.

If that doesn't work, find out which towing company they use and call them to see if they have any records for your incident, because more than likely it was them that did this.

This could have easily been avoided had information been collected.

(Truck number, name of driver, supervisor name and number, time date) Had this been a complete stranger on your property you would have done this and more without a second guess, maybe even snapped a photo or two. I may sound a little harsh in my responses, but you know the old saying innocent until proven guilty....


I left after trying with our small tractor to pull the guy out. He said he would call his supervisor.

Yes, the actual cutting happened while I was gone. My driveway is 1/4 mile long and there is no chance some uninvolved person came up here to cut that tree. I called UPS customer service as soon as I returned (about 3 hrs after I left.) They talked nicely but nothing ever came of it. Whatever happened to my tree, happened because of UPS sending inexperienced drivers with inadequate trucks in bad weather, and they are not willing to take responsibility for it.

Since you are so knowledgeable about the inner workings of UPS, and so invested apparently, what do you suggest a consumer do in this situation? I don't believe I should have to just sit still for the mangling of my personal property by a disreputable company like this!


you still have not answered question. You keep repeating yourself over and over but do not answer one question to any of my posts.

Again, how do you know UPS supervisor cut tree down with chainsaw if you WERE NOT THERE???? In the original post you made it sound like you stood there and witnessed this happen. Then, you said you left for an appointment. If you were gone how do you know this happened?

They do not have access to weapons. I do know the inner workings and I am telling you they would be out there for an investigation taking photos and interviewing etc if they did wrong. You are stating that an incident occurred with nothing to back it up, that is why you are getting no response. It would be like handing out money if just anyone could call and complain about something that did not happen with nothing to back it up.

The employee did follow the rules. he calls supervisor which contacts tow truck that UPS hires. It would be his supervisor who would have no job IF THIS WERE TRUE.

Maybe the towing company (which is separate from UPS) cut the tree down. If you can not answer these simple questions than everyone here will know your a phony.


Yes, believe it! It happened!

As I stated in an earlier post, I drove out because there was room for me to drive beside the truck. This is why the driver should have called a tow truck instead of his supervisor with a chain saw to cut my tree! You seem to know a lot about the internal workings of UPS! Apparently their employees do not always follow the rules.

This is when management is supposed to step in and fix problems their employees cause.

But I have also sent certified letters to executives at UPS (after receiving inadequate response from customer service) and been ignored. What a company!


Let me get this straight...You left your house while all this was going on?! How did you get your car out of the driveway if truck was there?

There is no way a UPS employee brought chainsaw, weapons are not allowed on property this includes company vehicles. employee would be terminated. Even if so...How do you know supervisor brought chainsaw and cut it down if you were not there?? If what you say is true then UPS IS REQUIRED TO INVESTIGATE this incident.

They would be at your house taking photos and interviewing you etc. It is very hard to believe this happened as you said because they would have taken care of your property damage.

It is very hard to believe that both a driver and supervisor would put their well paid jobs on the line. Again, I think there is something left out here.


Yeah, it's amazing, isn't it! I left for an appointment, saying "Please leave the tree alone!" There was plenty of room for a tow truck, there were many options to free the truck.

It was not hung up on the branch. The driver called his supervisor, who came out with a chain saw and cut the tree. UPS customer service and management have no interest in correcting this in any way, either!

Most business owners try to fix it when their employees mess up customers' property, but not UPS! And to sue them would not get the limb back!


??? My thoughts exactly. How did the UPS supervisor "cut" the tree?? Did he cut it down??? Or was it a branch that got caught on the UPS package car and got broke??

Something does not add up......need more details.

I would sue anyone who came on my property and damaged it or destoyed it.

And by the way, you can most certainly have your packages flagged for non deilvery and help a the local center for pickup. Happens every day. I have customers that do not want anyone coming to their homes, the packages are held at the center and they pick them up.


Last time I checked UPS does not allow weapons of any sort on property, This includes Chainsaws, axes, handsaws or anything one might use to cut a tree! This act would be considered property damage.

If someone came on my property and caused damage that would be grounds for a lawsuit.

I can't believe you watched this happen and did nothing, how else would you know exactly what happened. There has to be more to this story.