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Damaged package delivered to my customer. it was broken and a piece was missing.

So somebody opened the box and resealed it or something. But they delivered it anyway. I started a case with UPS they picked up the box from my customer after the second attempt. Then they delivered it back to him the next day resealed again.

So I called and asked why. They said they have no record of a damaged item inspection, but they do have a record of picking it up and redelivering again. So now they want to pick it up again from my customer and inspect it again. OMG my customer is pissed he thinks I'm messing with him as some kind of a joke.

This is unbelievable unprofessional shipping service. Now they wont guarantee the item because there is no record of damage inspection, I realize *** happens. this is ridiculous. my customer said he had to pick the item back out of the garbage along with the packaging for ups to pick up.

Think twice before you use ups to represent your business. They are brutal on your package. And wont back it up even with pictures of damaged item ect. Obviously they damaged my item because the piece broken off was missing and not in the box and delivered it anyway to my customer, then after I started a damage case they contacted my customer and picked up the package after 2 attempts, he had to dig the item and packaging out of the garbage, after pick up they redelivered the item back to him all sealed up.

Frustrating now they want to pu the package from my customer again. I asked to not bug him anymore?

I said the word bull *** because they wont guarantee my package after all that, customer service hung up on me. t

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $105.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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No offence but that thing is ugly.


In the future- package your own items- it takes time to find products to protect items- until you find a suitable shipping company! Photograph steps and when you seal it- for proof for yourself, client and Shipping company.

If you're are going to use UPS- photograph the process until completion.

Get the name of agent and time.