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1. Packages (when shipped from retailer via UPS) were left in front of our garage, instead of the front door (where they usually are left). In front of the garage the packages got wet to the point they needed to be re-packed for shipping. The front door has more coverage than the garage, I have no idea why the packages were not dropped at the front door as is the norm.

2. Same Packages brought to UPS store in Seattle, cost to ship to Austin, TX ~$100.00 per package. The Address provided was off by one digit (my fault, I own that), which ended up right accross the street from the intended address. The person at the incorrect address called UPS said the items were not for them and requested UPS return them.

Did UPS call me (the one who paid for the shipping) or the phone number of the recipient? No. They simply shipped the packages back to the UPS store in Seattle without any attempt to get the package to the rightful recipient. Note that the shipping details I was required to provide at the UPS store included the phone number of both myself and the recipient.

Did they think I spent over $300 dollars in new packaging (~$100) and shipping (~$200) to have the items come back to Seattle? Why not call the one who paid for the shipping? He was required to provide a phone number....

Had they called either my phone number (the one who paid for the shipping in the first place) or the phone number of the recipient, or even the UPS store where the package was being returned (who could have called me), we could have had the intended recipient walk across the street and collect the items (christmas gifts) at no cost to anyone.

Instead UPS delivers the packages all they way back to Seattle, at their own cost. I do not get notified until the UPS store gets the packages and want me to pick them up ASAP.

3. In working with the UPS store and susequently UPS Customer service, I get stuck in a corporate versus franchise finger pointing game. The staff at the UPS Store are very polite, thery empathise with me, but tell me I need to call UPS to get any sort of explanation as to why no calls were made, they did after all require my phone number and the phone number of the recipient. Then in talking to UPS they say that collecting phone numbers is a franchise policy and they don't use phone numbers when a situation like this occurs. For a company that has its brand across both corporate & franchise entities, they act as very very different companies.

So I'll collect my packages from the UPS store, and that will be the last time we use UPS or a UPS store.

I'll ship them via alternate carrier (USPS, FedEx, etc.), and will do the same for all of my shipping concerns going forward. Most of our family lives out of town, so its more than a single item, but I realize UPS could care less, they are one of the largest shipping companies around, the loss of my business will not impact them, none the less I'll be damned before I give them anymore of my money.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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UPS delivered to the address you specified, the only one at fault here is you.

Quit trying to put the blame on someone else, it is ALL your fault !