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I usually don't write reviews. Perhaps it's my line of work(enterprise tech) or that Amazon and their Prime delivery service has become the new standard for logistic-excellence, but I don't know how UPS remains competitive.

Tracked my package for a week. Delivery scheduled for Friday, December 4th. Come home expecting my package to be at my door. Nope....nothing there. Maybe the truck is still out on its route, so I check the tracking information. Verbatim description:

"We left the package in our facility. This may cause a delay. We will deliver as quickly as possible. / Delivery will be rescheduled."

Well, the Mckinney-TX distribution center is on notice. Are you dense? How do you leave a package in the facility? You have a simple job....scan the labels to identify which packages are due to be delivered....load them up on one of your trucks...get it to the destination on-time. (*Weather is clear and no threat of terrorist activity present*)

Why have I not had this type of delay happen with Amazon or Fedex? What aspect of their business gives them such an advantage as to create an overwhelmingly positive customer experience, every-single-time? Is it the technology, workforce, logistical strategy?

People make mistakes, okay. The consumer and your customer shouldn't have to take the hit for their mistake. It's your job to deliver the package to the recipient by the expected delivery date. If that requires sending out another truck, or bringing the truck back in and having your drivers spend an extra hour on their route....get it done and get it delivered.

I plan on bringing this to the attention of the vendor(AutoGeek) whom chose to send his goods through the worst logistics provider in the industry. Why? Ultimately, this doesn't reflect poorly on just UPS. It reflects poorly on the vendor as well. I'll make the recommendation to go with Fedex or another service.

Bottom-line UPS, get with the times and understand the most basic business fundamental: "If you choose to provide or make a good or better have the ability to deliver on it." Beyond that, focus on the customer experience and do everything it takes to deliver on time and as promised(with the exception of inclement weather, terrorist activity, etc.).

To me, simply stating that a package was "left" at the facility is not sufficient enough.

Thanks Fed-Ex and Amazon for always delivering my goods on time. Nice to have some companies know what they're doing...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Provide a refund to the vendor who chose UPS for their package delivery services.....

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