I have a bad UPS regular route driver for my residence. I've lived all over the USA (in the military) and never had any problems like this before. This guy opens my packages, and since my first complaint to the UPS main number in 2008, I have never received a package that was not totally damaged on the outside. Not just one corner of boxes crumpled, but all 8... Clearly this guy isolates my packages and throws them all about, or jumps up and down on them - not just sometimes, but EVERYTIME! He has a terrible personality, but he does not physically threaten me any more because he is aware that I am willing (trained and able) to accomdate such an assault; therefore, now he systematically destroys my packages and then stands there and smiles about it because his supervisors evidently support his behavior.

There's been no monetary loss to me because when a product is damaged, the vendor simply replaces it. They are willing to use an alternate carrier, usually USPS or FedEx. The problem is the time - an inordinate amount of time - expended in documenting, returning and then finally resolving the issues and hopefully finally obtaining the product in good working order.

UPS's "customer service" is at fault for this continuance of such an untenable situation. In most cases, I do not have any choice in the delivery method for my purchases. When I do, I certainly request anything other than UPS.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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