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My grandparents live in a small house on a 70 acre farm pretty close to the middle of nowhere. I ordered a desk for them as a gift.

On the day of expected delivery I checked on the tracking to see its whereabouts, I was ecstatic to find out it has been delivered! I called my grandparents to see if they got everything okay, but they told me they didn't receive anything. I checked on the tracking again to find that the package was delivered to their garage, which is not attached to the house. They walked out back to their garage which is 30 feet away to find nothing there.

However upon looking out another 30 feet away from the garage there laid the desk. Furious I called ups customer service not understanding why the package simply couldn't be left in front of the house. I was told that there was nothing that could be done and as long as the package is on my land then it would be considered delivered. They also told me that the ups man could have done it on purpose to hide the parcel from thieves.

Thieves who will find this secluded farm and carry away a 132 lb desk? Pretty impressed ups, you come up with all possibilities. I'm mostly impressed with how you drove onto the property to leave the package at a hidden location, call it the "garage" and didn't even bother to knock to let us know. Guess we live in an era where people define "garage" differently.

Didn't arrive until 7:35 pm, it's just sloppy if you ask me. Just felt like sharing.

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