I shipped a box to Portland from Texas, when the box arrived it was crushed and empty. I called to complain and was told my box weighed over 80 pounds it was my fault because I didn't add support beams in the box.

I got nothing refunded to me! Everything was gone, camcorder, camera, shoes, clothing, lamps,everything. We were traveling I had this bright idea to lighten the car and ship stuff home. BIG MISTAKE USING UPS!!

I had this happen in the past using UPS when I moved home from California, my boxes were crushed. What can brown do for you?

Crush you're box and leave it at your door empty!! That's what brown did for us.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Im done with UPS, from now on only USPS. They delivered my package on time.

Except I got a half crushed repackaged empty box! It clearly said 7lbs on it and it was empty.

There was a chain inside so it didnt need to re-enforced, it was clearly stolen. its not the money, that can be refunded, its the time and patience thats aggravating!


you know how you keep a box from crushing? fill it up so it cant be crushed.

they do stack boxes obviously. i love the fuckng geniuses who come to this site.


Ordered 2TB Western digital hard drive and a pen from black friday. got shipped on Tuesday with many order packages came from different Retailers using UPS.

One of the employee work at the shop accepted all the packages for me and he signed. One of the box is got ripped and barely tape it back. The employee ask the ups why is so light, the UPS guy didn't said anything and left. Because he got the signiture already...

GOT ***! later I check the box.. it all empty, nothing in it.!!! my 2TB hard drive gone.

This is first time happen to me. NEVER TRUST THAT *** BROWN THIEF AGAIN!


Same thing happened to me - crushed empty box. Mine was a very lightweight camera lens. Seems to be par for the course no matter how much the package weighs.


Jay - if a box is so completely unstable then UPS should deny shipping. Otherwise it is 100% their responsibility to deliver it safely, or atleast COMPLETE.


To Jay above: Sounds like you don't have any common sense, dude. UPS is still to blame about the 80 lb.

package delivered as an empty box! Even with poor packaging on the part of the customer UPS should always either apologize or do their best to deliver what they can!

It obviously didn't happen in the case of the 80 lb. package.


Sounds like you're not very good at packaging things. To put fragile items like cameras, camcorders, etc into a box with 75 lbs of other stuff on top of it is just a bad idea.

If the box opened up mid shipment, you can bet there was a lot of empty space in the box, also not a good idea. Packages get stacked, remember. They don't lay them down single file in the back of tractor trailers lol.

An 80lb box is going to be at the bottom of a stack. Not surprising it got squished.

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