Medicine Park,Oklahoma
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This is not the first time I have encountered a "crappy stinky the worst..." but perhaps the most memorable. My first was a package of medical supplies that REQUIRED a signature that later found in the woods behind my house, the second was a package my neighbor found in the ditch next to their house but this one really really really takes the cake.

I ordered something from a known store and the package arrived damaged, not only did I have to package it up but had to drive 30 miles and PAY the postage. United Parcel Service or UPS SUCKS big time in my book and when I order anything I ask that other carriers be used that care more about people that some *** schedule

Monetary Loss: $90.

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They are the worst. They always deliver a day or to late.

They will also deliver after 9 pm and Knock hard on your door.

Your just happy they didn't lose the dam thing. I hope they have to go BK with no bailout.


I feel your pain man. They are greedy *** that just want to make the money and *** you around.

They love to charge you for everything. I lost 25 dollars off ebay because they sent a package back on me, after telling me to come pick it up. They are idiots.

They dont care they charged my sellers and the sellers wanted me to pay 25 more dollars. Its ups they suck ***

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