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I am a chronic pain patient. I use the home delivery service offered through my employer's insurance. My package was due for delivery on December 15, 2014. I paid for the Next Day Air Saver. On December 15, I tracked my package and the last visible scan was in my city but the package was not on the truck for delivery. I called UPS customer service and was told I would receive a call back within 1 hour. No call. I called back and was given the runaround. Went to my local hub and was told it was routed to the wrong hub. Called that hub and was told I to call back in the morning. So today I find out that even the the last scan shows it arrived in my city, it had not.

So now a lost package claim has been filed. In my situation, it's not as easy as requesting the shipper to resend the package. These medications are regulated by the DEA. I have to go get new scripts from my doctor, send them to the pharmacy, and pray to God that UPS doesn't "lose" them again. I have to pay my co-pays again and pay for UPS's expedited shipping.

After looking online, it seems like UPS employees like to steal prescription meds from customers all the time. Watching them steal packages on undercover videos is sickening to me. One admitted after being caught, that he only looked for pain pills. These people have no idea the physical and mental harm that they have caused to me and so many others. I unlike these criminal UPS employees, take these medications because I have to, not for recreation or sale. It would be nice if UPS could fix this, but the burden falls on me. What a Merry Christmas, I will be spending it in pain.

It's just heartbreaking. Thanks UPS. Thanks for training your customer service reps to treat each customer like just another phone call that they have to deal with. I can track my package online on my own...what exactly is their purpose?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Lost medication/Physical/Mental Pain/Missed Work.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

UPS Cons: Delivery, Poor customer service, Being lied to, Bad information, No solutions.

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How were you able to get a new script? I'm in the Same situation but the medicine was shipped by a friend of mine because I am currently out of the state.

I can fly out to my doctor but because UPS "Lost" stole the medicine I don't know how to prove it? My doctor will believe me because he knows that I don't abuse the medicine but my insurance company won't cover it and the pharmacy will only fill it every (they are Very strict about this) 28 days


The same thing just happened to me. This has been going on since Friday and it is now Wednesday and I still do not have my medication.

Because UPS gave me the runaround and lied...first it was left on the front steps, then it was found in the truck and I could go pick it up a the local service center. Went to service center and it wasn't there. Then it was back to the driver left it on the steps. All of this run around has caused delays when I need to get my doctor to send a new prior auth to the insurance company, then the insurance takes another 24hr to get back to pharmacy.

It took me 4years to finaly get approved for this treatment. I have 2 pills left now. I have been crying and crying and crying worrying that something else will go wrong and I will run out. I am on a special treatment where missing a dose can effect me being cured or not.

UPS should be ashamed of themselves. These are lives you are playing with.

The driver did not have my consent to leave that package on the front steps....it was stolen and now I am suffering tremendously. Considering a law suit.


I had my son's meds stolen (I believe) as well by UPS. Sent them overnight, they never arrived.

Despite a "destination scan," they simply "could not find" the package.

They issued a claim and closed their really "thorough" investigation. Great for them. But our whole summer is now ruined with trying to get a replacement prescription, getting insurance to cover it again, unbelievable.

My son is now without meds for a month which is high impact for him.

For UPS, this is a little nothing. And they really "understand my frustration."


enough is enough a class action law suit will set them straight and fire all useless employee smooching like the DMV employees.


Yes, I'm surprised one hasn't been filed yet.

They need to fix not only the hiring, but also the monitoring to proactively report loss instead of making customers runaround to find out what happened to their packages.


Agree a class action suit is EXACTLY what they need. I’m on board if anyone has started.

I just had the same thing happen to me. Shipper paid $78 for next day air to me but when checking tracking all I could see for 26 hrs was “label was created” it finally left destination city about the time I should have received it. When it finally arrived I counted my meds and came up short. I know my sender and there is zero chance it was anyone other than the person at ups that didn’t put it on the truck to go out the night it was scheduled and paid for.

I do blame shipper for telling ups what was being shipped.

I will never ever again use ups for anything again. If ups is the only option available in any merchants for purchases I will go elsewhere to make a purchase.


Never have your important medications mailed to you. If they are that important find someone to pick them up at the pharmacy for you.


Not an option with the Veteran's Administration (VA).


Not an option with the San Francisco VA, either. This is now the second month in a row that UPS has lost narcotics headed to my home.

The UPS workers all know the packages contain narcotics because they are in a white bubble envelope marked, "Medical Urgent," and require an adult signature. Last month my meds circled the United States, were supposed to be returned to the San Francisco VA when found but instead, "BY MISTAKE," ended up at my door, a week late. The package had been broken into and the narcotic pills, but for a few so the package could still rattle, were stolen. It took me a week to straighten the mess out with UPS and the package sent for "investigation." No telling where my narcotics or when are going to show up at my door this month--if ever.

They were supposed to have been delivered last week. I have to go into the VA again to file a police report. Will be filing one with the San Francisco Police Department and DEA as well. VA pharmacist told me that UPS has recently been misrouting narcotics as far away as Australia.

UPS should lose its government contract with the VA.

Federal Express was much more reliable when they had the VA contract. Someone's paw got greased, obviously.


I would be willing to join in on a class action law suit!!!! This is unacceptable and something needs to be done


Not given that option. Shipped only


Yeah man that *** UPS guy stole my *** too.


I had a similar issue with UPS. I receive my epilepsy medication (Phenobarbital) from the Veterans Administration.

It is normally shipped through the Post Office, and I have never had trouble with the Postal Service.

One time however, for some reason the VA Hospital chose to ship my medications through UPS. Surprise, the tracking information showed it arrived in town, only to not get to my house. Like your pain medications, my epilepsy medications are controlled substances; you just cannot go to the pharmacy and pick up another script.

It was a nightmare dealing with the VA - the assumption was I'd sold off my barbiturates or something.

Meanwhile, some clown at UPS was enjoying a prescription of "downers."

The VA agreed to ship out a new prescription (via the Post Office) by Express Mail, but my prescriptions were cut from refill every three months to refill every one (presumably because the VA no longer trusted me). For five years now, I have had to get my prescriptions refilled every month.

One good thing is the VA never used UPS again.