Phoenix, Arizona

I received a package shipped by UPS which when it arrived looked like it had been run over by a truck. The box was split on all sides and the contents( pottery) was smashed into small pieces even though the entire box was filled with bubble wrap. The box was well over 15 sizes larger than the object inside.

I contacted the claims department and never heard back. Two months later I called and they said the claim was denied. UPS claims the contents were incorrectly wrapped. They never sent an agent to even look at the box or contents.

Since I buy a lot on Ebay, UPS has accounted for more damaged items and loss than any other shipper. I won't ever use UPS again. I will encourage everyone I know to ship with someone else. UPS was once a trusted company. Now it is all about profit and to heck with the customer.

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I, also, have had numerous smashed packages and have never been able to collect a dime of the insurance I paid for.

The mother company, Crawford, PO Box 100458, Fort Worth, Texas 76185-0458 (877 225-7625 ext.

6170, states that "no matter who packs it, UPS or the customer, with UPS products or not, if they deem it to not be packed "right", they will not pay." I have filed an insurance claim each time and they will not acknowledge in writing that my claim(s) have been filed and denied. I filed a "Dispute" (their term for an appeal) and they will not provide a written statement of the "dispute" being filed or the findings of a denial. UPS's practice of selling insurance on a package is FRAUD, because you can never collect on it and you are sent a package of junk back to you. I even filed a complaint with my Police department and all the Police were able to obtain was the form letter once again from Crawford and a copy of my shipping receipt listing the insured amount.

If UPS is going to use conveyors, handlers, etc., I say they hold the liability to get your package to its destination undamaged.

Instead, their answer is a form letter from Crawford stating your package was damaged and "how it SHOULD have been packaged using spray foam inside the box." Well, UPS, spray foam is not going to stop you breaking the metal arm off of my fixture and smashing a half inch thick glass globe that was heavily bubble wrapped.

In addition, I am filing a complaint of FRAUD with my Attorney General Office.

Selling insurance that can not be collected on and no receipt of a claim or appeal being filed or denied is FRAUD when the package in damaged in UPS's care and stated to be damaged by UPS. :(


Even if you have them pack it, they still won't cover the damage. They claim they will pay value or replacement cost if they pack it as part of their Peace of Mind deal. The fine print is that if you don't declare the value and pay insurance on it, they only pay$100 which is what we got for an $1100 electric cooktop.