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Vendors have been shipping things to me by UPS several times over the last few years and I have always been surprised by UPS's astonishing incompetence and lack of desire to give a good service. Just two weeks ago, the UPS driver buzzed, I responded, put on my boots, came out and he was gone.

He couldn't wait the 30 seconds that it took me to put on my boots. Just yesterday, a package never arrived (is it lost?) and UPS claimed they had tried to contact me about it - I guess they used smoke signals, they certainly didn't try my phone or email address. In fact, most of the packages that are sent to me by UPS have to be picked up at the UPS center because the drivers somehow cannot find the way to my office. And just a couple of months ago the package came broken and as I refused to take it in all I got from the driver was a dirty look - how about an apology?

With all the inefficiencies of the USPS, I much prefer to deal with them than UPS. It is a mystery to me that UPS is still the biggest delivery company in the US.

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