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My brother ordered a brand new computer screen, online about a week ago, and it was delivered by UPS today. The *** driver drops the *** package right in front of my brother onto our porch step and asks for his signature.

Even though these things can be well packed why would anyone just drop a package like that onto a hard surface were it is possible glass could break, or things inside the item could become damaged?

We would like to see, at the very least, that the driver hand the package to the person standing in front of them. I mean we all under stand that they have lots of packages to deliver and that they are in a hurry, but I mean come on is it really worth a law suite if they actually end up breaking something really expensive in the box?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Why did he sign for it instead of refuse it as damaged?? once he signs for it, it is your brother's responsibility.

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