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We have had this addresss for 20 years and until lately have had no problems receiving packages. It started with a package odered for Christmas.

We found it taped to the gate which is on a public road and in the middle of a rainstorm. We have had to file charges on our neighbors for breaking into our house. The next two packages were blackberry cellphones, also taped to the gate in another rainstorm. We called and filed a complaint after each incident but apparently that is a joke.

I caught the driver taping the last one to the gate.He never even attempted to come down the driveway.

(Signs are posted on the gate not to leave packages taped to the gate)The last package delivered was dropped off at the very neighbors we filed charges against. All of the above problems were submitted in all of the previous complaints.

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So, you want to receive packages, but the drivers can't get to your house, on account of a cloesed gate. You also don't want them left by that gate.

What are your suggestions?


Your neighbor has nothing to UPS, find somewhere else to complain about that.....Also, half of this problem is your fault. When your gate on your property is closed that is denying access to your private property.

The driver does not have to leave the package, he could just as easily deny your delivery (after three attempts of your gate being closed of course).

Next time leave the gate open and allow driver onto your property. If your gate is open and he is still doing it, then that could be a problem...unless your driveway does not have room for a package car to turn around, then that is also your fault.

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