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UPS Corporate Headquarters
Office of The President
55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Atlanta , GA 30328
United States

Subject: Camplaint’s On Service

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is in response to the service I have received from your organization regarding a recent shipment (tracking #1Z74586E0220859665).

I am a professional, working full-time, and a part-time student. I am attending school during the summer semester and needed to obtain some software for my classes. I ordered that software ($400.00) from a school bookstore in Dallas, TX, because I could get it shipped via UPS, 2nd day air and not have to wait 5-7 days for it (if I ordered it through my school here in Colorado Springs, CO). I have used UPS many times before and have never had any problems.

The software was shipped on Monday and delivered on Wednesday, BUT it was delivered to the wrong address. I am told that due to a “new” driver inputting the wrong street name on his paperwork it was left at the front door of the wrong house. They somehow substituted “Unitah” instead of “Yampa” for the street name. Now, the local UPS office is instructing the original driver to go to that address (at some point in his delivery schedule), to try and contact the resident (if they are home), find out if they got the package, and if they will return it to UPS! Then they will try and get it too me (at some point in time)! I was told that UPS would pay for the cost of the item, if they cannot retrieve it. Well, that’s great but it does not help me with completing the work needed for my classes during this compressed summer session. It is now late on Friday afternoon, I am leaving town for the remainder of the weekend, and will probably not hear anything from your organization until sometime Monday? My complaint is really two-fold:

First, the service as described above is unacceptable. I have paid for a service which has not been provided. A driver in your organization needs to be a lot more than a driver. Their attention to detail is vital to your organization, and in this instance they have failed miserably.

Secondly, when I inquired at the local office how to make a formal complaint, I was told, and encouraged, to call the 1-800 number to file a complaint. I was told that this complaint would end up on the driver’s record. This sounded good to me, until I went to your web site and could NOT in fact, find any 1-800 number that would allow me access to any complaint filing system. The 1-800-PICK-UPS number provided is an automated system that will only allow me to check on a shipment, order a pickup or order additional supplies. I searched your web site for more than 2 hours trying to find any access to a person or system that will allow me to file a complaint, either through the web site or over the phone. I have finally given up looking. It seems as though writing a letter is the only way to give you feedback on your service. Apparently, your organization would be totally inundated with complaints, if you were to provide some easy access to a complaint or feedback system.

I understand that you handle millions, and millions of packages on a daily basis, and that your success is really quite remarkable, but I measure the people that I do business with, in how they handled things, when things go wrong. In this case, I am asking myself; “What can Brown do for me?”.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Unprofessional, Clueless, Rude, Dishonest, Unhelpful, Indifferent. One worker said we don't offer the service I asked for, when another worker, I believe the manager, corrected him and he left to go to the back of the store. Then the manager misquoted the price for work already performed. Had to pay 2x's price than was quoted for the service. One worker made it to seem it was my fault and wouldn't listen to me. It's their responsibility to get accurate and correct information to customers. He didn't let me finish speaking and dismissed me. He didn't apologize for his colleague's misquote. He brushed me off. He was too busy making dinner plans with a friend. Avoid this store if you live in the area or are in the area if you could. I could write a lot more but I only am giving a brief overview. I will be taking my money to another local UPS. They don't seem to care about their customers. Well, if that's the case, good luck staying open. There are more than enough of businesses that can drown you out your pitiful services. Maybe that's one of the reasons your store us rarely busy. Your worry, not mine. BTW, just to be clear for those of you reading this review, this is the UPS store in Dunmore,Pa. :(

P.S.-This is a small town locally tinned and owned store, but they set a very poor example for the other franchises and the UPS name. I only wished I got these clowns full names just to post them here for everyone to read.


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