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My package was due today and it said it was out for delivery.There was someone home all day.

No UPS driver came to my apt complex today at all. Obviously no tag was left showing they even came to my door. How can they claim there was an attempt at 6:23pm? ***!

Driver was too lazy or late to finish for the day so they BS'd it so they can get the truck back by 7pm. This has been the 3rd time they've done this to me. All different address. If drivers can't finish on time, they should change that message that says "THE CUSTOMER WAS NOT AVAILABLE ON THE 1ST ATTEMPT.

A 2ND ATTEMPT WILL BE MADE". They should change it to show that they weren't able deliver it because they were late etc. because if they keep putting that message and no one calls in about it, they are getting by for that day without getting docked for it. I'm calling johnny on the spot at 7am tomorrow to get a manager to write this fool up.

It's bad enough UPS is slow (unfortunately I'm forced to use that company because the book I ordered only uses UPS), then when it's due I don't even get it because the driver is late or too lazy.NOT RIGHT AT ALL!


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El Mirage, Arizona, United States #1248808

UPS truck shows up, driver gets out walks up to my door and puts a sticker on the door saying delivery attempted.Walked back to truck and took off.

No attempt at delivery - to impatient / lazy since delivery involved signature.

I was home all the time.UPS sucks.

Katy, Texas, United States #1206115

I have been thru this with UPS about 3 times in 4 years (at the same address). Some of these drivers are lazy.

Fresno, California, United States #1194321

UPS is a poor excuse for a delivery service.Was home all day expecting my deliver with the door open and with the screen door shut, door bell also in plain sight.

Driver never came by the apartment complex and while sitting at the door at 1:04 pm I see a notification that "The receiver was not available at the time of the first deliver attempt.

A second attempt will be made." Straight BS this company, I even looked outside to see if the truck was there.I can say that driver was too lazy to do their job and drive into the complex to find the apartment, at least try to drop it off at the apartment office.

Houston, Texas, United States #1178556

I live on the top floor of a building.There is no elevator, just three flights of stairs that really aren't that difficult to walk - I'm a tiny girl and I'm able to haul groceries, large purchases, and a rolling computer bag from work up the same stairs constantly ...

I suppose this is too much work for this delivery guy? Then again, he is out of shape (no big deal, but not ideal for this job) and he's stopped me plenty of times in the parking lot to give me packages so he'd save himself from the stairs. UPS usually comes late in my area so I've been by the door for the past two hours watching television. I just checked the tracking of my package since it's 8:31pm and the UPS driver says he attempted to deliver at 7:47pm.

No doorbell, no knock and no note on the door.

He usually leaves my packages at my door but I guess he didn't feel like it tonight....thank goodness I didn't need this package for any urgent reason.Otherwise I'd be SOL.


This happened to me just now... I saw the driver pull up but he never got out of the truck... UPS has done this to me several times over the years


Yesterday I actually saw the UPS truck pull over to my street across my house, the driver just stood there, never even got off the truck and drove away.And then I get a delivery attempt failed notification, but no notice on door - of course, he never made it out of the truck!!

I guess it was raining too much for him to bother. I call them up because I'm flying out today and need the iphone I bought, they tell me he would come around yesterday and, of course no one shows up. 4 phones calls, 2 emails, one live chat and countless tweets later, they told me he'd come asap and was already in the neighborhood.

Well, I just saw the truck drive down my avenue and obviously he's just making his normal route because didn't bother to stop here first.

Who cares if the client was lied to (TWICE) and has a plane to catch.Yesterday one of the "managers" who called me even had the nerve to keep interrupting me, doubt my story, speak to me in a condescending tone and offer no apology, no solution, no guarantee they'd deliver it on time for me to make my flight today.

These guys SUCK.


Same thing happened to me....Sat by the door since 8 a.m.....

No gym, no walk, no bath, no getting lunch, no picking up kids even (which would take all but 10 minutes) for fear I may miss the UPS guy... Kept door open.... NO ONE CAME! Am sure of this....

Checked status at night to see "The receiver was not available at the time of the first delivery attempt. A second attempt will be made. ". Don't know if the Driver went to wrong address.

Ran frantically to see if any of the neighbors had notes. Nope. Spending sleepless night with fear that tomorrow in second attempt, the buffoon will give the packages to someone at that wrong address....... Or was the guy just being lazy?!!?

Oh God!Hope my packages reach me!


Package received by carrier monday 8:32 am. Package delivery attempted monday 8:33 am. If that isn't just a blatant excuse to not drive here I don't know what is..


4 packages in a row were "delivered" but no UPS guy came to my house. I have security cameras and was home during one of the supposed deliveries. UPS needs to clean house and get their *** straight.


Same thing happened to me today! What do i do?

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