Publow, England
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UPS claimed to be able to perform a delivery on the 31/12/2013. Failed to do so in spite of delivery to own depot (Northampton) 20 minutes away, at early midnight on the 31st.

In short, you have had 24 hours to deliver (to Kettering) and have not. Please do not lie in future. It leads to lack of faith in your own abilities. In future please create sensible delivery dates and if bank holidays disrupt your delivery schedules claim that is the reason.

Please do better and make complaints easier to make rather than pretending you're perfect.

Perfection is impossible. Unless you are perfection. Are you perfection? I doubt it. Perfection is impossible if your people are dissatisfied. And I most assuredly am dissatisfaction. That you ask for 100 words is a transparent attempt to reduce complaints. Please accept complaints are an excuse to do better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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