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WORST customer service ever!!!! I have NEVER experienced a company less willing to resolve an issue that was 100% fault of their own.

Package from NYC to toronto back to NYC...then was lost...then shipped...a week after the guaranteed date of my daughter's birthday. BRUTAL. So of course they wouldn't charge right? WRONG!

They ignored requests to reverse charges because i was the shipee...not the shipper. They sent it to collections...Many phone calls...many hours...still no help. They REFUSED to do anything. Simply saying it was past the 15 days!!!!

This was a 6 months ordeal!! Finally today...while in my 2nd hour of being on hold with UPS Billing...i posted to Facebook. LOTS. within an hour Social Media team told me to stop...then emailed saying they would send a cheque to cover the collections charge.

I suggest you voice your complaints via facebook...with the 1000's of others! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

We shall see if i get the cheque. Never will i use or buy anything from a company that ships using UPS.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Thank you for the reply! I'm a little bit ignorant when it comes to social media, can I ask how you went about using facebook so that I can do the same?

Did you set something up on your page, or on theirs, or something different? I just filed a complaint with the BBB, and am working on our local legislative representatives. Any info you can give me I would be really grateful for any information you can provide so I can go after them.

Thanks! :)

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #765616

I am a disabled person who wrote about nearly getting knocked over by the UPS guy who was running through the halls of our disabled living facility at a full clip. Further, the week prior he tossed a package containing expensive jewelry onto the hall floor in front of my apartment instead of knocking and handing it to me.

(I was home at the time and heard it hit the door.) Whatever happened to decent delivery? What UPS needs to know is that I also own a business and clients sent me documents from other places in the US and also from abroad. Next week, I shall write to all clients, asking them to please either fax all future documents or use the U.S. Postal Service.

And no, I am not using Amazon again, either, as they use UPS. Instead, I will patronize local businesses. Enough of this "money and greed at all costs"--never mind if we jeopardize the elderly, throw packages around, and don't give a darn about correcting our the errors. Money seems to be king at UPS.

Well, UPS, you surely lost my business. :( And, BTW, I do not blame the driver--I BLAME CORPORATE--they are the ones who greedily short-staffed and created this fiasco.

Newbury Park, California, United States #764340

Very useful information, had a similar issue with shipped that was "Lost". Will look into your facebook angle for resolution, in addition to contacting the BBB and my local and state representatives, to start..

Did you get your check?

to ciperformance #764818

Yes - I did! Annoying that I had to harass Facebook page to get it.

I suggest you do the same! Got their attention, and my money back.

Good luck! And be persistant!

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