I thought that when you ordered anything of value from a big-name company, it would be sent signature-required. It is then that you receive the UPS sticker notice and can plan to be home for its delivery.

That's the way it usually works for me. Well, this time, for a big-ticket, small-package item, the driver used his/her "discretion" and left the package AT THE FRONT DOOR without bothering to obtain a signature. By the time I got home the package had vanished. The drivers know that people walk through neighborhoods or follow their UPS trucks and steal packages.

Then you call their RUDE customer service and they say you have to make the shipper start a trace, even when the UPS system says that the package was delivered and the driver just left it at the door.

Careless UPS drivers promote thievery. I am pissed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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My boxes were opened and items stolen during the shipping process......never made it to the DOOR intact.Switched to FED EX GROUND.....all shipments received exactly as I shipped them AND at a more economical rate. GO FED EX GROUND!

Winterset, Iowa, United States #82693

The question I would ask is what do you consider a “big ticket item”? How much did it cost?

UPS drivers routinely driver release package to residential addresses and it is not at their discretion, but at company policy. There are guidelines in place that the driver must follow.

However, if your package was insured, and this is the key here, insured, the amount depends on whether or not the package can be driver released or if a signature must be obtained. A shipper can designate a signature for any package when they input the shipping and consignee information into their online system. When this option is selected, the barcode on the shipping label that the driver scans will not allow the driver to driver release the package.

Again, how much was your package insured for?? The driver has no way of knowing for sure unless it is insured for over $5000.00 dollars. If the label did not prompt him for a signature, he would driver release it in a safe place per the UPS policy and guidelines.

The driver is not careless, just doing his job.

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