I recently made two purchases through Amazon shipping via UPS. Tonight for the SECOND time in 30 days I received notification that my address was incorrect.

Interesting, since this has been my correct address for the past FIVE years and that other shipping companies (FedEx, USPS, DHL, etc) seem to find my address just fine. Heck, even UPS could find me up until about 30 days ago and now all of a sudden we aren't in the house we've been living in continuously all this time? I don't know what's happened to UPS but their service has gone to the dogs. Seriously, they left a package sitting in the front of my car in my driveway about 3 months ago.

Didn't even bring it to the front door but left it where it could be easily grabbed by anyone coming down the street. This company either needs to get their act together or get the *** out of business.

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