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2nd day air package isn't delivered because the address given ....he didn't know where to go. There's 3 floors in the building The number on the package tells you what the company name is if you had bothered to try to contact.

There's a huge sign by the elevator saying the company is on the 3rd floor Unless you send up signal flares. ...these drivers don't do anything to find the delivery destination

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are correct....We don't do ANYTHING to find the delivery address...Our job is to deliver, NOT FIND YOU...that is a detectives job. Use your COMPLETE and CORRECT address and you will get your stuff.


First off, how would the driver contact you, considering they are not supplied with cell phones by UPS?

Second, it is the job of the driver to deliver to the address printed on the label. if it going to XYZ Widgets at 123 Main St, and it is an office building of 3 stories, it is NOT the drivers job to play detective and spend time to track down the business.

IF it is going to XYZ Widgets at 123 Main St, Suite yy, then the driver knows where to deliver it.

The fault is 100% with the sender, failing to a complete good address on the label for the driver to deliver to.

I would be all over the sender for the delay!