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Horrible. I ordered a laptop from the Microsoft site, little did I know it would be shipped via UPS.

The item was to be delivered via 1 day shipping (I paid extra for this), but though it was sent out on Friday, it arrived late Monday (atleast in the package delivery attempt). I called them multiple times requesting them to re-schedule after going through the painful voicemail service, and each time as I was talking (giving the tracking number), the line was cut on me (I have full network from where I call). Only one person took down my number as I called, and they never called me back as well.

First time I called, some one did talk, they said there would not be able to give an exact time when it gets delivered, it was just a wild guess when it would be re-delivered (since they are a lousy service).

I asked if I could schedule up a time, they asked if I could pick it up directly and save their time instead (and their office is about 30 minutes away). I paid for one-day shipping on Friday at 12.00 am (meaning they had ample time to deliver the package same day), I got a notification from the Microsoft site, at 1.00 pm saying the item was already up for shipping.

This is the kind of customer service you can expect from them. I would prefer USPS instead.

Monetary Loss: $850.

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You paid for one (business) day shipping, UPS delivered (or attempted to deliver) your item in one business day? You weren't home and now you expect UPS to arrive at your door step at some precise moment in time that you would like to specify?

Uh, good luck with any company doing that. You can't even get the cable guy to do that. You should have paid for early am delivery if you want the most specific time. Early am is delivered BY 8:30 am to many US locations, wanna try that with USPS, good luck.

Or...You can go pick up your item at your convenience at the local UPS center. It's not really UPS' fault that you are not available when they attempt delivery.

Take some responsibility for your actions and quit blaming others, geez.


You did receive one day shipping. The driver doesn't derive from Microsoft's warehouse directly to your home. The package is picked up Friday afternoon, sorted and out for delivery the next business day (Monday). You were not available Monday to receive the delivery. They offered to redeliver it. Couriers will make over 150 stops per day, their route and the delivery times are determined by what is on the truck and how it is packed, that morning. You cannot pick your time, delivery times can never be chosen with any company, any time anywhere.

Same day service is often available locally, or near major urban centres via the "next available flight" Service. This service can cost well into the hundred of dollars.

Basically you are complaining that UPS did their job, however their job didn't coincide with your schedule.

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