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Driver claims he rung the bell. He didn't. I ring them up, they connect me to the Philippines. That guy says someone will call back. Enter the rude *** and ***. She stays on the phone arguing with me, basically calling me a liar, with the driver on the other line or something.

When I told her it was impossible, she suggested maybe my *** buzzer was broken. I swear, I hope to God UPS and every condescending retard that works there get cancer.

They always do this and I wish Amazon would get rid of the contracts with these rodents once and for all.

Review about: Ups Manager.

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Houston, Texas, United States #774051

Wow, I have seen some pretty raw stuff written here but wishing cancer on someone just because of a missed delivery is sick. I'd hate to think how you might react to something serious.

Be careful of your words - they have a way of coming back on you, and in the most ironic ways. Karma will take care of you.

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