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i had an order from North Carolina, USA shipped to Calgary, Canada. The order cam in 3 packages due to the size and the vendor had the documentation showing this - line item of items and its respective tracking numbers in the 3 packages.

For some reason UPS processed this as 2 orders amongst the 3 packages and tried to get me to pay the customs fee multiple times. After TWO MONTHS they finally realized that it was one order in three packages, and I only need to pay customs once, which I had already done 2 months ago. Packages finally showed up with all contents broken. Not only that, 6 months later i have a receiver company tracking me down to pay the 2nd customs bill which HAD BEEN RESOLVED.

I have been in contact with UPS for 2 months after that now so I don't get the receiver company after me and ruin my credit rating and there has been no resolution - file is ongoing with not target date to address. Extremely disappointing for a company with such a renowned reputation

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Pay the amount they want, then you go after THEM for the money owed you!

Best way to get them off your back, and you can file Small Claims action if they do not pay.

Inconvenient? Yes.

Should you have to go through this? No.

But, it keeps credit intact, and makes them the bad guy, not sure of any other way to do it.

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